Russian Translation :- Cityville Treehouse when using this item, you can reach a Cityville higher payout in your buildings.

cityville springgazebo
Cityville Spring Gazebo

The Spring Gazebo Reward : Receives 10% more payment : Mission :

It will be worth that quest complete.

Here are the Quest Rewards Details:-

One of the 18 new quests to do with the Happily Ever After Quests and rewards you with new Cityville Tree House, Cityville Spring Gazebo and Cityville Wedding Pavilion.

cityville treehouseTreehouse Reward : Mission: Edgar’s Shoe Shine!

To reach this Quest, you need to complete Mission: Feed The Team. There is the option to skip the quest with city cash although (not recommended).
Once completed, you will receive the first new decoration, the Cityville Tree House a +4% Payout Bonus.
  • Send Franchise’s Supplies 10 Times
  • Ask Friends For 6 Shoe Polish’s
cityville treehouse
Wedding Pavilion Reward Unlock .

Cityville Wedding Pavilion Reward : Mission: Groomsmen’s links – Receives 17% more payment.
– Collect from any Flower Kiosk 10 times


The Couple says : I know you can help us find a beautiful wedding location in your city!