Cityville Unreleased Bus stop

Cityville Unreleased Bus stop

Cityville parking garage

Unreleased Cityville Car parks / Parking Garage Spotted! They are confirmed as an addition to Cityville mall decorations, which probably includes a Cityville bus-stop as well.

The Expose unrealeased Cityville Car park Parking Garage Spotted are the future decors to complement debut of Cityville Malls!!!Including a Bus Stop and probably a DMZ Lot.

2 cityville carparks spotted

2 cityville carparks spotted

Summary FAQ

  • Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
    A: You have to be level 27+ to receive this feature.
  • Q: Do I have to build a Garage before I see cars in my city?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: Do my businesses have to be connected to roads?
    A: No, if they are connected to sidewalks cars will spawn on near by attached roads. You do have to have roads in your city, however, in order to see cars.
  • Q: Do my residences have to be connected to roads?
    A: No, they can be connected to sidewalks, in which case cars will spawn on near by road. Your residences do have to be connected to either roads or sidewalks to spawn cars, however.
  • Q: How can I collect coins from a car?
    A: You can collect coins by clicking on it when you see it driving with a coin on top.
  • Q: Does collecting coins from cars use energy?
    A: No it does not.
  • Q: What determines the payout for each car?
    A:The payout is determined by the car type and the number of buildings attached to the road on which the car is traveling.*Note: Community Buildings placed next to roads will also have an affect.
  • Q: How can I get Carjacks?
    A: These drop randomly when you collect from cars. It’s possible to pick them up without noticing, please check quest requirements to check on progress.
  • Q: I received Family SUVs and Parking Enforcement Vehicles for quests 1 and 3, where are they?
    A: These are types of cars, you will see them on the roads when you supply businesses.
  • Q: What is the DMV?
    A: It’s a community building that requires staff, and is rewarded for the second quest.
  • Q: I supplied my businesses, but I don’t see any cars, is something wrong?
    A: Cars will not always spawn immediately, please wait for a couple of minutes and make sure that you have residences connected to either roads or sidewalks.

Step by Step Guide Part 1: Building the Garage

Once you have met the prerequisites you will see the following icon come up; clicking on it will bring up information for the quest.


Click on the “Place” button to place and start building your Garage.

Clicking on your unfinished Garage will bring up the list of materials you will need to finish it. You can get these by sending requests to your friends and posting requests to your feed, as well as by purchasing them with City Cash.

Once you have gathered all the parts, just click on “Finish Building” to complete the construction.

Step by Step Guide Part 2: Using Cars

Make sure you have buildings connected to roads and supply your businesses.

cars_guide10 (1)

Keep your eye on the roads, especially close to your supplied businesses, and you will start seeing cars!cars_guide7 (1)

When you see a coin above a car you can click on it to collect bonus coins, which will not use your energy.

Keep your businesses supplied to see cars and to collect bonus coins.