Baseball Stadium build and recruit
Baseball Stadium build and recruit

How To Build And Recruit in cityville – Place Baseball Stadium & Finish Stadium – 100 goods

How To Feed The Fans in cityville – Collect 2 Hot Dogs & Collect 2 Sodas – Unlocked: Baseball Field – Spawns: Sports Team & Build And Recruit!

How To Build City Funds in cityville – Collect from Businesses 50 times & Collect from Houses 50 times & Ask 8 friends to send Capital Endorsements [or 10 cash] – Unlocked: Batting Cage – Spawns: Feed The Fans! & BRANCH R: Sports Team
Cityville Baseball Stadium Level 2

  1. In this goal simply you have to place and finish Baseball Field.
  2. Buy Baseball Field under Build- Community Buildings, For 50000 Coins.
  3. Baseball Field Allows 1500 more population.
  4. The Goal Reward is 100 Goods.
Cityville Baseball Stadium Level 3
Cityville Stadium