Cityville Main Interface Basics

Here you will see the elements listed on the game screen. Each one is labeled and described in detail below.

  • A. Game Currency Indicators – Here you will see the 2 types of game currency Gold Coins and CityVille Bucks. You can also click here to purchase additional coins or CityVille bucks if you wish.
  • B. Energy Meter – This indicates how much energy you have at a given time. Place your cursor over this indicator to see what your maximum amount of energy is. (This increases by 1 every time you level up in the game) Energy also regenerates at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes (see “Energy” below for more information.)
  • C. Goods Indicator – This meter indicates the number of goods you have in storage. If you place your cursor over this meter it will show you the maximum amount of storage you have. This number varies based on the number of barns and silos you have purchased and placed in your City. (See “Goods” below for more details.)
  • D. Level/XP Indicators – The star shows your current level and the meter indicates how many XP (Experience Points) you currently have. When this meter fills up you level up. Clicking on the blue stars that come out of houses, crops and Businesses represent XP. (See “XP” below for more information.)
  • E. Current (incomplete) Goals – Here you will see your goal list. Click on any icon to see what you must do to complete this goal. Completing goals rewards you with XP, currency and other prizes.
  • F. Train Station – This is your City Train Station and clicking on the depot will allow you to buy or sell goods needed for restocking businesses with your Neighbors. (See “Train Station/Buying and Selling Goods” below for more information.)
  • G. Population Indicator – You must place your cursor over this area to see the statistics shown in the image above. This will tell you how many people live in your city and what the maximum is. You may need to purchase additional community buildings if you need more population to complete a goal or purchase an item. The Smiley face icon will change colors if the population is unhappy you may need to add more businesses and houses to your City.
  • H. Neighbor Menu – Here you will see a list of your Neighbors in order of their level from lowest to highest ending in the computer Tutorial friend “Samantha” at the very end of the list. Click on an icon then on “Visit” or “Gift” (See more about Visiting Neighbors and Sending Free Gifts Below)
  • I. Game Controls – Click on the top button to cause this to expand to the top as shown in image above. Here you can toggle game sound, music, zoom in and out, or change image quality. You can also make the game full screen from this menu.

  • J. Game Tools – Here you will see all you need to control items in your City. The Arrow button on the left once clicked on will raise up as shown in the image above. Here you can move, rotate, or remove an item. Click on the command you want and then on the item you want to act upon. (See Moving,Rotating and Removing items below.)
  • K. Special Features – Click on the right icon to expand this menu list. Here you can access Collections, your inventory, and your Franchise Headquarter menus. (Read about all of these in detail below for more information.)