CityVille Eggplant (It works) Ripens with every Neighbor click (Step By Step Instructions Screenshots , Currently Testing with Cityville Corn Crops,Cityville Pumpkin, Cityville Cranberries.)

Crop Harvest Time Cost Goods/Hour Cost/Goods
Strawberries 5 minutes 20 180 1.33
Carrot 8 hours 46 8.75 0.657
Corn 1 day 62 4.58 0.563
Eggplant 1 hour 28 20 0.933
Watermelon 4 hours 36 11.25 0.8
Cranberries 12 hours 49 6.675 0.612
Pumpkin 18 hours 52 2.71 0.577
Wheat 2 days 71 2.15 0.546
Peas 3 days 85 0.54 0.548

It takes 1 day for Cityville Corn to ripen = 100 Goods

Growth Seed (0%-50%) Seedling (51%-99%) Fruit (100%) Withered (>300%)
Phases Corn Seed.png Corn Seedling.png Corn Fruit.png Corn Withered.png

No download required. 

  • Needs only 5 plots of Farmland to harvest those CityVille Eggplants and rotating neighbors to take turns to water your CityVille Eggplants .
  • It gives you CityVille  maximum goods with this cheat in less than 5 mins with just 5 plots of  Cityville Eggplant Farmland.
  • CityVille  Strawberries Are fastest to grow

It takes 5 minutes for CityVille  Strawberries to ripen but they will never wither. There is a chance of finding an item from the Strawberry Collection ( 15 Goods) when harvesting or watering them.

Growth Seed (0%-50%) Seedling (51%-99%) Fruit (100%) Withered (>300%)
Phases Strawberry Seed.png Strawberry Seedling.png Strawberry Fruit.png Strawberry Withered.png

It takes 1 hour for Cityville Eggplant  to ripen = 30 Goods.

Growth Seed (0%-50%) Seedling (51%-99%) Fruit (100%) Withered (>300%)
Phases Eggplant Seed.png Eggplant Seedling.png Eggplant Fruit.png Eggplant Withered.png

Setting Up This CityVille Eggplant Cheat

  1. Plant 5 CityVille Eggplant crops – 1 hr / CityVille Corn Crops – 24hrs  that you will leave ripe in your city while you’re off to office and let your neighbors visit.

PS : They will be queuing for acceptance when you come back.

Returning To Cityville

  1. Expect to see plenty of neighbours queuing to water your crops. (DON’T ACCEPT IT YET!!!!!!!). <AtachedScreenshot>
  2. Click to harvest the five ripe crops YOURSELVE first before re-planting the 5 CityVille Eggplants  where the five ripe crops were. <AttachedScreenshot>
  3. Then click to accept Neighbor 1’s help where she waters the eggplant that you planted. <AttachedScreenshot>
  4. Accept help from Neighbour 2 to water/ripen and  harvest the eggplant yourselve. <AttachedScreenshot>
  5. Plant five more CityVille Eggplants / CityVille  Carrots again click on Neighbor 3 to water.

It takes 8 hours for Carrots to ripen 70 Goods

Growth Seed (0%-50%) Seedling (51%-99%) Fruit (100%) Withered (>300%)
Phases Carrot Seed.png Carrot Seedling.png Carrot Fruit.png Carrot Withered.png
  1. Keep doing this until all of your neighbors clicks are used up or you run out of energy or you cant afford to plant any more eggplant, whichever comes first!
  2. If your storage fills up ,use some of the goods to stock your stores.

Cityville Get Goods Faster

  1. Get goods even faster with the Five Ripe Crops cheat if you have lots of energy in your inventory.
  2. Harvest the five ripe crops yourself. Plant Peas.

It takes 3.1 days for Peas to ripen = 155 Goods

Growth Seed (0%-50%) Seedling (51%-99%) Fruit (100%) Withered (>300%)
Phases Peas Seed.png Peas Seedling.png Peas Fruit.png Peas Withered.png
  1. Let Neighbor 1 water the peas. Harvest them yourself. Plant more peas.
  2. Let Neighbor 2 water the peas. Harvest them yourself
  3. The cheat is all about letting your neighbors water the peas. Only neighbors can do that.If you use this CityVille Cheat Then you get goods fast. You don’t have to wait for your crops to get ripe so you can supply your stores or your franchises. Your neighbors water and harvest your five ripe crops over and over, so it saves you the energy you would have spent watering them. You can have more crops such as Cityville Wheat if you want so long as your neighbors all know which five to click on. This cheat only works if many neighbors all click on the same 5 squares.

It takes 2.1 days for Wheat to ripen = 130 Goods

Growth Seed (0%-50%) Seedling (51%-99%) Fruit (100%) Withered (>300%)
Phases Wheat Seed.png Wheat Seedling.png Wheat Fruit.png Wheat Withered.png

It takes 18 hours for Cranberry to ripen = 80 Goods

Growth Seed (0%-50%) Seedling (51%-99%) Fruit (100%) Withered (>300%)
Phases Cranberry Seed.png Cranberry Seedling.png Cranberry Fruit.png Cranberry Withered.png

It takes 18 hours for Pumpkin to ripen 90 Goods

Growth Seed (0%-50%) Seedling (51%-99%) Fruit (100%) Withered (>300%)
Phases Pumpkin Seed.png Pumpkin Seedling.png Pumpkin Fruit.png Pumpkin Withered.png