New Cityville TV Terrace + Cityville Newlywed House – The newlywed house is recieved from turning in the Bridal Collection.
Here’s my 6 new Cityville TV Terrace + 13 Cityville Newlywed House placements for easy collection to bump up the Bonus meter to 2x Rounds of “MASTERFUL”  5198 x 2 Coins payout. Making it a total collection of 10,000+ Coins for every 5 min collection inclusive a Population Drop to Boost  Population to 350 or more.

The Cityville TV Terrace provides the same 5min payout together with the Cityville  Newly Wed Houses and also increase the population more than the Modern Chateau which i have just demolished.

This is just moderate payout, if you’re ambitious, put rockies around them. The reason why such small 5min collection units are so popular is because, if you ran out of goods to service your business, you could collect 5min payouts potentially totally 10,000 coins on the side instead of waiting for your crops to ripe.

To unlock this, you need to complete the Retail Foods Chain.

It takes up 190 Population and you can collect the rent every 5 minutes for 11 coins. it is 4×4 in size.

It costs 10,500 coins and 5 energy to build.