Cityville Newlywed House – The newlywed house is received from turning in the Bridal Collection.
Here’s my 13 Cityville Newlywed House placements for easy collection to bump up the Bonus meter to “MASTERFUL”  Maximum 5198 x 2 Coins every 5 mins.

Do remember to Juice those NewlyWed Love Nests Payouts with Valentine’s day Cuddly decorations nearby.

To complete the bridal collection, collect rents from the wedding store.

Newlywed House Stats:
Population: 100
Income: 13 coins every 5 minutes

The Bridal Collection

The Bridal Collection is a Collection that contains items which can be acquired by collecting rents from Wedding Store and Tuxedo Rental.

Wedding store is unlocked at a population of 2,750 and cost 15,000 coins to buy

Trade in Collection

Wedding Dress
Wedding Cake Topping
Engagement Ring

Trade in Reward:

Newlywed House