Cityville Tower Eats

Cityville Tower Eats

This Cityville Tower Eats Layout configuration gives  2 Blue Diamond Payout in total = 2,500 Coins.

Tower Eats pays a diamond at 127 percent bonus minimum

A neighbor franchised this Tower Eats into my city! It pays me a diamond every time I collect from it. I was patient here. I have the store surrounded with pink flowers, the fishing pond I bought with my first 15 City cash, some shade trees and a fountain that a CityVille neighbor gave me. You bet I will add my franchise headquarters to the mix along with some rocky cliffs, now that I got this screen shot for you, of the lowest percent bonus that would make Tower Eats pay out a diamond.

Cluster high-percentage decorations and high-level franchise headquarters around your CityVille stores and they will pay you in diamonds! Diamonds change into 2,000+ gold when you click on them. Read on for the minimum bonus percent needed to make these stores pay you in diamonds.

Tip: Make a Bonus Area

 Buy the best decorations you can afford and arrange them all in the bonus zone. At left is a picture of my bonus zone, with my Tower Eats franchise inside it. I made mine with rocky cliffs mostly on the outside and pink flowers on the inside.

One by one, put your highest paying stores in the bonus zone, cash them out, and remove them. Only supply your highest paying stores. Still click on your friends’ franchises when they supply them, so that your friends get paid for supplying them.  You can use those supplies to stock your higher paying stores, without your friend losing anything.

At least a 188 percent bonus makes the Wedding store pay a diamond

I used the same rocky hill cluster as for the cinema, but I had to add two pink flower circles to make the wedding store pay in diamonds. As with the cinema I probably could have done this cheaper if I were less impatient.

Handbag store diamond payout is at 208 percent bonus minimum

I really had to stretch to get this one, with the decorations at my disposal. I blew some City cash early on on energy, which was stupid. I won’t be able to get the tennis court. I discovered that the expo tent is not useless, though. This screen shot is in the same place as the other two. I just removed the snow for a change of scenery. I put the expo tent where the two pink flowers were, and there was still room for two one-square flowers in that space. I also used the 2 percent bonus statue for the first time ever. Only one of his squares was close enough, but both 2 percent get used. 208 percent bonus worked for the handbag store, but it only got the Italian restaurant to 1987 gold. So close to 2000!

Tip: Corner Bonus Placement

Say you have a decoration that takes up 9 squares, such as a fountain. The fountain has a blue square bonus zone reaching out from it. Only one part of this blue square bonus zone needs to touch your high-paying store, to help it pay you diamonds. Put large decorations and franchise headquarters on one of the outside corners of your decoration cluster. That way you have more room to put smaller decorations in the cluster.

Cinema pays a diamond at 180 percent bonus minimum

I clustered rocky hills, the bandstand, arboretums and pink flowers around my cinema at every bonus percentage from 170 percent to 180 percent. It finally paid out a diamond at 180 percent bonus. I probably could have done this with cheaper decorations if I had fewer coins and was a little more patient.