The only way to get a penthouse tower from Cityville is to be lucky enough to randomly get it from the daily log-in bonus. Every day that you log onto Cityville, you get coins just for getting on the game. When you have logged on for five consecutive days, you are then entered into having a random chance of being able to get the Cityville Penthouse Tower. If you don’t get the tower (which most people don’t), then you get 1000 coins.

If you don’t get the Cityville Penthouse Tower, the log-in bonus resets and you have to wait another five consecutive days before being able to try again for a chance at getting the tower. Should you not log in on day four, then it resets itself as well. This is to encourage people to play the game everyday so that they have a chance at getting something cool.

Cityville Penthouse Tower Benefits :-

Why is the Cityville Penthouse Towerso cool?

1. It is extremely rare to have a city that has a Cityville Penthouse Tower in it. Most of your friends will come to your city if you announced that you won a Cityville Penthouse Towerjust because they have probably not seen anyone else with one. It is also a guarantee that none of your friends would have it so you could always show off to them.

2. It adds 220 population. As compared to other buildings, this is a large amount of population. The more population you have in your city, the faster your businesses will be able to sell their goods. This will help you have more coins and experience when you go to collect from them.

3. It gives 230 coins every day. It is easy to remember when to log back on to get the money this way and also gives more money than other housing businesses may give. Decoration bonuses also apply to this building so by adding certain decorations around it, you will be able to get much more money than this.

4. It takes up a small amount of space in your city for the amount of people that it can support. In a game like Cityville, space is an important fact to consider. Unless you plan on maxing out the amount of expansions you are able to get, you will be looking for buildings which are small and can give you the maximum of what you are looking for. The Penthouse Tower will give you the best population and money income of any other residential building.