Zynga’s latest  release – two entirely new businesses and one community building (which are all incredibly pricey) to the game’s store. See them below:

The two businesses are the Cityville Music Store and the Cityville Furniture Store. Both cost 200,000 coins each, and both come with a population requirement that must be met before even having access to purchase them in the first place.

  1. 7500 citizens in your town to unlock the Cityville Music Store .The Music Store produces 910 coins for every 170 Goods
  2. 6500 for the Cityville Furniture Store. you supply it, while the Furniture Store produces 864 coins for every 160 Goods supplied.
  3. As for the Cityville Observatory, it too costs 200,000 coins to build, and as a community building grants you access to having 1900 more citizens in your city.

NOTE:- Have 6500 citizens in your town to unlock it in the store.