cityville maximize bonus bonus

cityville maximize bonus bonus

How to get lots of money in CityVille Using such layout gets you an astonishing 231% bonus!

I have a really hot tip for you on how to get lots of money in CityVille using 9 arbortoriums decorations and 1 Billiard Parlor!

Here is what you need to do: // //

1. You will need to 30,000 coins

2. Buy a Billiard Parlor from the market and place around it 9 arboretums and flowers until you max out the bonus (you can get to around +231% profit)

3. Buy and build a few more Billiard Parlor and wait until they’re ready to collect

4. Now collect from the Billiard Parlor that’s surrounded by the decorations, than move it away. Place one new building that you have to collect from in the same spot and collect again. Repeat until you run out of buildings.

Using this method, you will get around 1,600 coins per each shoe store you collect, so with 10 in your city, you could be easily making 16,000 coins in CityVille per hour!

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I surounded a Billiard Parlor with 9 arbortoriums and alot of flowers (it costed about 30k, but it was worth it.) I then built 9 more Billiard Parlor (on the other side of my city) and surrounded it with buildings. when it is ready to collect (about an hour) i just keep switching the shoe stores in and out of the decorations place. each 1 gives me 1635 coins (+184% payout) so thats a total of 16,350 in 1 hour.i just collect, restock, and off my coputer. i check it every 1-2 hours.