Use Cityville Sidewalks

Cityville Roads are not important at all !!!.  They take up so much space !!! use Cityville Sidewalks as shown (above)

The game starts off forcing you you Cityville Asphalt Roads already in place. This means most of us are tempted to keep using them, so we buy more for 10 Coins each. But a better substitute is actually the Cityville Sidewalk, which costs 20 Coins. If you care about space, one Asphalt Road takes up 3×3 land, but one Cityville Sidewalk takes up just 1×1 land. Instead of connecting your buildings by using the Asphalt Road, use the Cityville Sidewalk!

(Note: A piece of Cityville Sidewalk must be touching a piece of Asphalt Road to work. (See above image) one piece of road in the middle of nowhere, connected the Sidewalks to it, and the businesses are functional!

Woohah !!

And that one Coffee Shop has some Sidewalk sticking out of it, but the game says it’s “Not connected to road.”)