Cityville Goods. More goods!!

Cityville how to get more Goods.

Now that you’ve all played CItyville, the main grouse is NOT ENOUGH GOODS !

How did you get yourself in the situation where you require more CITYVILLE GOODS ?

1. You’ve plenty of neighbours and CITYVILLE franchises in their city, thus requiring you to SUPPLY UNLIMITED CITYVILLE GOODS on a constant basis. Ensure to BUILD a LAND LOT (Right) to allow franchising !!

Every FRANCHISE COLLECTION collects 1000 coins or more depending on how often you click  SUPPLY. To supply CITYVILLE GOODS. (BELOW)

2.You have Cityville Lease  more land for other people to set up Franchise in your city.

The above are good things you should do to accumulate more than 500,000 Coins on a weekly basis.

However There are just not enough Cityville Goods to go around. 

Just take a look at my Cityville Town !

After Cityville Shipping and doing Cityville Pumpkin Growing and Cityville Send Trains, 2,000 GOODS just ain’t enough for Franchise supply and stocking up on my local Goods !!!

A solution is therefore to visit neighbours and accumulate Goods and Getting those 800/1,200 FREE GOODS Bonus.

Now, How can we trigger the game to Give us these FREE GOODS Bonus on a daily basis ?? Hmmmmm…..let me do some testing and I’ll Post it.