Cafeworld VIP Dinners. Cost Price (99 Coins) –  the most expensive dish in any cafeworld menu.

VIP dinners pop up on your menu once in a while like 2 weeks once, thus it’s important to get ready for some things before you start milking the VIP dinners to maximum until it’s off the menu.

How to milk it’s worth :-

1. Firstly , Goto Spice war chest – Apply the ones giving it 5% / 10% more servings + mystery spices

2. Secondly, After Start cooking your VIP dinners goto Spice chest and apply the 6 hr fast cook spice.

3. Thirdly, further reduce cooking time by applying 1 hr faster cooking time

4. Lastly, to replenish more spices, visit your cafeworld friends profile (not the cafeworld one) and claim their spices