Cafeworld Head Chef Amelia latest Offer !
Sample Offer Below /  Facebook me to get entire 13 links and do it in 2 rounds until SORRY screen appears. taking it to a total of 5600 servings !!!
Café World – 2600 Free Lemon Butter Lobsters Share  Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 12:14pm
This is to all my Café World Friends, Neighbours and anyone else wanting an extra 2600 serves of free Lemon Butter Lobsters.

The Lemon Butter Lobsters are absolutely free and you don’t need the help of your Neighbours to send them to you. These are coming directly from Amelia, a built in Café World friend we all have from Zynga.

Collect up to 2600 free Café World Lemon Butter Lobsters now and every 22-24 hour period.
Yep, you got that correct, get Amelia to resend them to you every day, easily!!

2600 Free Café World Lemon Butter Lobsters

Click each link [into a new tab for ease] to claim your 2600 free Lemon Butter Lobster Dinners and then come back again tomorrow.


Isn’t she GREAT !!
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