Just When You Thought You Had Seen it All – Warcraft Blueprint Shows Up 

I don’t know if you’ve seen the newest World of Warcraft guide yet, but it’s pretty impressive – a massive, brand new guide of over 1,000 pages that shows players how to level up any class in either faction, make gold with whatever strategies you want, and to dominate PvP aand class strategies. In short, it covers everything you could possibly want from level 1-80 and it’s all available at a single price.

The guides come from brand new writer though, so a lot of people are wondering if it maintains the quality level that they expect from their guides. Luckily, for most of you, the guide is above and beyond what you might normally expect from guides like this. Sure, it’s long, but it’s also well written and complete. There aren’t any hidden vestiges of 2.3 content floating around to waste your time and money.

So, the big question then – is this thing worth the purchase? I can’t offer you a full opinion as I have yet to read the entire guide (might take a while), but I can say this – if you take very other guide on the market and compile them, you’d still be missing some of the stuff that Amy Anderson has jammed into her Warcraft Blueprint. So, if you’re looking for a guide for your next grind to level 80, you very well may want to check this one out and see what it has to offer.

na Warcraft Blueprint Gold Generating Secrets
The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Gold Making Success…Period!na

naThe secret to boosting your gold count faster, even while you’re farming!

naSmall adjustments you can make immediately to optimize your gold making speed. This works so well it puts your gold generating skills on steroids.

na5 tools all expert gold makers use that you must have in your arsenal.

naNever get cheated again with this detailed price list for ores, herbs, potions, and much more.

naRunning out of gold when you need to buy gear? Use these maps to trace secret sources of high demand items such as rare furs, herbs, ores, fish and other items.

naHow to access some of the richest ores available in WoW. Need Titanium, Thorium, or Cobalt? Use this section to get unlimited supply.

naShockingly undervalued ores that are in high demand and how to flip it for fast money.

naHow to predict demand spikes for herbs for a gold windfall.

naTwo high level herbs which always sell well despite its never ending supply.

naHow to use a special skill to get higher yields to feed your constant demand for gold, yet many players ignore this all the time.

naLove fishing for gold? Here’s how to get higher catch rates and good fishing spots to catch that expensive Deep Sea Monster Belly, Nettlefish, Glacial Salmon, and more.

naHow to engage in multiple gold making activities at the same time, even if you’re a single character.

naUse this advice to get the best materials at rock bottom prices and sell them at the ripe time.

naWarning: In demand items that you should NEVER sell for gold.

naThe shockingly simple secret to beating the Auction House that every player ignores.

naHow to guarantee your profits even before you bid in the Auction House.

naHow to get 2x, 3x, even 6x the profit selling to the Auction House, even if your competitors sell the same items you have.

naThe unfair advantage over other sellers at the Auction House. Follow the instructions and you’ll be a dangerous force to be reckoned with.

naHow to cash in on every gold rush that occurs every time Blizzard releases a patch or new expansion… and how to protect yourself from getting nerfed.

naThe No. 1 mistake every seller make in the Auction House, especially when they first got started.

naHow to manufacture demand for your items so you always get large margins of profit.

naHate price wars? Here’s how to undercut effectively without hurting yourself. And what you can do to players who try to undercut you.

naHow to get around expensive deposits when trading. This well-kept secret alone can save you a small fortune.

naHow to ‘predict’ the perfect timing to buy and sell and get the maximum gold for the least effort.

na3 extremely sneaky Auction House strategies even the legendary players don’t tell each other about.

naHow to sell gear to a starving crowd of compulsive buyers at WoW.

naThe best 25 quests for the fastest and most efficient completion rate every day.

naAn extensive list of killer resources I personally use to update my WoW knowledge.

naAnd much, Much MORE …



na Warcraft Blueprint Accelerated Leveling
Reach Level 80 in Record Time with the Easiest Strategies on Earth!na

naComplete, step-by-step leveling instructions – from Borean Tundra to Storm Peaks – for both Horde and Alliance

naWorks for every faction, every race, and every class (even a Death Knight) in WoW regardless of your character’s spec and skills.

naDiscover the tips and tricks to level through those mighty tough quests in zero time flat

naLeveling at the speed of the click. Using the carefully organized quest sequence, you just make a few clicks here and there… and tada… Instant leveling. Trust me when I say you can finish questing with only one hand on the mouse!

naStop wasting time running around lost! Spot Quest Hubs and Quest Locations quickly with detailed coordinates and map instructions. Arriving at quest checkpoints has never been easier.

naSecret shortcuts hidden in every level. Race your character to the highest level using the shortest path possible. No more unnecessary trial-and-error leveling.

naCut to the chase! Find the quest givers quickly with direct instructions and locations checkpoints to meet them. Exact dialogue choices given so you get what you want every time quickly and easily. No more waiting through meaningless chatter with the wrong guy.

naPsychic-style leveling. Level your characters knowing what’s going to happen next. It’s like having an all-knowing WoW god whispering at your ear about what to do next.

naShave days away from your leveling with the best leveling expertise from pros to transform your characters to super advanced heroes.

naBonus Feature! WoWHead Database links for every quest.

naAnd much, Much MORE


na Warcraft Blueprint PvP Punishment Secrets
Win Every PvP Face Off for the Ultimate Rewardsna

naHow to rise up the ranks rapidly with every duel victory.

naHere’s how to get additional items and land quests only reserved for highly ranked players.

naGuarantee your victory and grab the best gear every time you engage in arena.

naThe secret to defeating opponents and earning honor points faster than any other players in your realm.

naDiscover the secret to getting multiple honorable kills reserved only for professionals.

naThe biggest mistake inexperienced players make when engaging in PvP.

naThe fastest way to gain honor in any given way using a sneaky strategy (Hint: it has nothing to do with the number of enemies you kill or how much damage you take)

naDon’t have time to get honor points? Discover 2 sneaky strategies to steal a flood of honor points easily.

naDiscover the untold truth of PvP champions and how your timing has everything to do with it (Hint: It’s not what you think it is)

naThe vital stats for PvP most players carelessly ignore. This one crucial aspect alone is going to determine your survival and triumph in waves of attack.

naReduce your chances of getting hit by critical strikes, lower your damage by half, buffer your mana drain, and boost your odds of survival all at once with this quick tweak.

naHow to design the perfectly balanced stats for each character for PvP. Plus the best character make-up for lean, mean killing machines.

naThe ultimate must-have gear to bring with you to every PvP match .

naGain arena points FAST! Even if you start with no gear and have no experience at all in winning matches.

naHow to get an advantage on your side even if you have no money to re-gear and no superior weapons. Most players don’t even do this and foolishly waste away their chances.

naHow to continuously throw out highly complex movements so fast, your opponents won’t know what hit them.

naA battle book of every attack sequence and counter attack plans possible to defeat your enemies and make sure they have no possibility of survival even before they engage. No Mage, Warlock, or even Death Knight is too powerful for you to handle with this secret battle book.

naA detailed and exhaustive analysis of every class, their strengths, weaknesses, and attack advantages so you can win every PvP battle regardless of the situation you’re thrown into.

naHow to win against your opponent who knows every trick in the book and even plays the same character. You’ll have another secret surprise under your sleeve.

naHow to win in the arena using this magic trump card. Note: It has nothing to do with having the best position.

naWhat to do after the arena to ensure better success in the next combat.

naThe No. 1 key to winning arenas using the 3P strategy.

naProven group strategies that guarantee victory every time you engage in the arena. You’ll find different variations to each strategy for every genre of PvP and how to build a star-player team to beat your opponents.

naHow to test the right PvP character build against the top players to get better gear and much desired ranking.

naThe best methods to accomplish PvP objectives and battlegrounds in realms worldwide. Specific step-by-step strategies for both Horde and Alliance.

naWhat top players do to win in the PvP environment that mediocre amateurs don’t. This advice will open your eyes to WoW in ways you have never seen before. Be prepared to see WoW through the top player’s eye.

naAnd much, Much MORE …




Warcraft Blueprint Class Combat Secrets
Mastering the Ultimate Tactics for Your Class in Record Time –

Dominate All Comers


naA battle field report on how to fight every single class. Even a Death Knight is easily crushed with the help of these secret combat routines.

naHow to kill an opponent of your own kind without engaging in a long and arduous fight.

naHow to end a fight quickly before it’s even started.

naThe secret to winning Boss fights by some of the elite gamers in World of Warcraft.

naDiscover how to complete long epic mount quest chains fast.

naBig mistakes you must avoid to survive through battles and challenges.

naThe universal rule to winning raids regardless of your class and race. Respect this rule and your opponents will surrender willingly.

naEssential vital stats champions use to shape their characters.

naHow to handle mana characters and the winning formula to outlasting battles.

naHow to play a class with the highest damage dealing for massive burst damage in as little time possible.

naDiscovering the PvP key for casters and healers. This works for every variation whether it’s 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5.

naHow to use the most powerful spells in the game and land huge damage on opponents.

naHow to buy time in battle when something unexpected happens.

naHow to strengthen your class into formidable foes and crush your enemies.

naHow to level up much faster while increasing your damage dealing potential and survivability.

naWhy picking the slower weapon can actually save your life.

naHow to make every single class easy to defeat – even a Death Knight.

naThe easy picking classes you can always count on to defeat for points (it’s not what you think)

naAn entire analysis map of every role in your army. Here’s how you can always get the best person for the job.

naMaster the balance to play the most powerful class in the game.

naHow to handle enemies up to 2 levels higher than you one on one.

naAnd much, Much MORE …